About Us

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Our Story

Team RobotSakers was formed in September of 2018 at Orlando Science STEM Charter High School. In years prior, this team (#7579) was also known as the Bears, in 2017 as the Goats, and, in the beginning of 2018, as Missing Pieces. Each year, the team began again with new students and in 2017 only had four (4) team members. In 2018, we weren’t sure if we would even have a team. Although there were originally four (4) members, there were eleven (11) additional students who were interested in participating, however we didn’t have a Coach and there were already six (6) other FIRST Tech Challenge teams at Orlando Science STEM Charter School that were full. After weeks of searching, we were able to find a Coach and had the first meeting on September 17, 2018.

The team consists of sixteen (16) students ranging from grades of 9th through 12th grade. Although only four (4) of the sixteen (16) team members have prior FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Lego League, or FIRST Robotics Challenge experience, the remaining eleven (11) team members exuded a true passion and desire to solve engineering challenges, but were not familiar with FIRST.

The team began meeting three (3) times a week and didn’t even place the order for our first Actobotics kit until the following week, and then the kit took approximately two (2) weeks to arrive. This meant that the team was already five (5) weeks behind, if not more, than other FIRST Tech Challenge teams at the school. With a new team, an inexperienced Coach, and only four (4) weeks to construct a worker Rover for the Ruckus, we were determined to take flight.

First things first, we needed a name…before our kit arrived, we spent hours identifying a name that would represent who we are. Before us was the word “Robots” written on an eelctronic whiteboard and as our programmer was working on researching if recommended names had been taken via the internet on the computer that was connected to this whiteboard, what he was typing mysteriously appeared on the electronic whiteboard directly to the right of our initial word of “Robots”. That word was “akers”. Our entire team was in shock as it magically appeared to come together as though it were divine intervention. After a few moments of research, we relized that the word “Saker” is an Old World Falcon, Falco Cherrug, used in falconry. Yes! That was it, were going to take off and soar through this challenge, thus the RobotSakers were officially formed.

Although we have had our fair share of experiences in differing perspectives, ideas, and personalities, the RobotSakers have grown together and will soar high for years to come.

Team #7579 is no longer just a number, we are the RobotSakers.